Best known for his paintings of Washington, D.C., history and architecture, Peter Waddell has previously created works about the Capitol in the nineteenth century (Inside the Temple of Liberty); the role of Freemasons in the creation of the Federal City (The Initiated Eye); the history of the Octagon; and numerous other commissions for historic sites including Mount Vernon and Tudor Place. Recent smaller works can be found on the streets of the city around the National Cathedral, and in the Kalorama neighborhood where Peter has been involved in the Call Box Project, placing historical images on former police and fire call boxes. His contributions to the arts in Washington, D.C., were recognized in 2010 when he received the Mayor's Art Award.

Peter Waddell was born in Hastings on the East Coast of New Zealand in 1955. A child of vivid imagination, his ability to paint and draw was always encouraged by his parents Colin and Penny. From Colin, owner of a cabinet making firm and former soldier in egypt and Italy, he gained his love of craftsmanship and fascination with the ancient world; from Penny, a theatrical costumer and librarian, his ability to create dazzling effects. After considerable success in New Zealand as an artist, Peter came to Washington in 1992 to learn the secrets of the masters as a copyist at the National gallery. Enamored with America and its history from the start, Peter became a United States citizen in 2002. Peter is artist in residence at Tudor Place in Georgetown.

Peter Waddell Painting


An Artist Visits the White House Past, commissioned by the White House Historical Association. White House Visitor Center, Washington, DC.
The Initiated Eye: Secrets, Symbols, Freemasonry and the Architecture of Washington DC. The Octagon Museum, Washington, DC. Currently touring venues in the United States.
Old Worlds, New Worlds. Anton Gallery, Washington, DC
Inside the Temple of Liberty: Nineteenth-Century Interiors of the U.S. Capitol. The Octagon Museum, Washington, DC
Beloved Tudor. Fredericksburg Area Museum, Fredericksburg, VA
Istanbul. New Paintings. Anton Gallery, Washington, DC
Tudor Place Reverie: Portrait of a Garden. Tudor Place, Washington, DC
Another Country. Artis Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Portrait of Tudor Place. Tudor Place, Washington, DC
The Embassy Exhibition. New Zealand Embassy, Washington, DC
Facets and Reflections: Painting the Octagon's History. The Octagon Museum, Washington, DC
Eight Notable Houses. Anton Gallery, Washington, DC
Parting Glances. The Drawings Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Journeys and Discoveries. Anton Gallery, Washington, DC
The Villa of the Mysteries. Artis Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Distant Visions. American Institute of Architects, Washington, DC
City of Dreams. Hawkes Bay Museum, Napier, NZ
History Painting. Artis Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Monumentum. Artis Gallery Auckland, NZ
Out of the Heat. Charlotte H. Galleries, Auckland, NZ
Day of the Dead. Impressions Gallery, Tucson, AZ
Work. Jean Da Estienne Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Up North. Jean Da Estienne Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Portrait of Blenheim Palace. Gallery 5, Auckland, NZ
Figure/Ground. Outreach Gallery, Auckland, NZ
English Drawings. ASA Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Water Water. Outreach Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Bathing. Outreach Gallery, Auckland, NZ
On the Volcano. David Charteris Gallery, Auckland, NZ

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Through the Looking Glass. The Octagon Museum, Washington, DC
The Painted Object: Water. Anton Gallery, Washington, DC
George Washington: Architect. Exhibition Touring throughout the United States
The Language of the Real. New Zealand Museums Touring Exhibition
Under the Influence-a Synthesis of Culture. George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Metro Teen AIDS: Charity Exhibition and Auction. Washington, DC
Upstairs Down Stairs. Artis Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Three Visions. Washington Project for the Arts Circa Summer 1995, Anton Gallery, Washington, DC
Metro Teen AIDS: Charity Exhibition and Auction. Washington, DC
Bodies of Work. The Drawings Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Persuasion of the Real. Touring Exhibition, NZ
Reflection of a Region. Hawkes Bay Museum, NZ
The Nature of Things. Artis Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Angels in August. Anton Gallery Washington, DC
The Language of the Real. Claybrook Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Summer Nudes. Waiheke Gallery, Waiheke Island, NZ
New Objectivity. Smither Studio, Auckland, NZ
The Teps Show. Outreach Gallery, Auckland, NZ

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Recent Commissions:

Mount Vernon Ladies Association, Mount Vernon, VA; George Washington's Fredricksburg Foundation, Fredericksburg, VA; Tudor Place Historic House and Garden, Washington, DC; Mr. James Biddle, Andalusia Foundation, PA; ESPN Zone, Washington, DC; Mrs. Elinor Faquhar, Washington, DC; Greensboro Historical Society, Greensboro, NC; The Octagon Museum, Washington, DC; The Wallace Trust, Auckland, NZ; Calan Health Care, Auckland, NZ; New Zealand Post, NZ; and numerous private commissions.

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